RTB - ConnectAd


Refer to Getting Started with RTB for general instructions on how to set up RTB. This article contains information specific to integrating with ConnectAd.


Approval Required

ConnectAd is available via partner approval only. Please contact your account manager to start the approval process.

Creating a ConnectAd Advertiser

  1. Click to Add an Advertiser.

  2. Choose "ConnectAd" as the choice of Partner in the dropdown. If you don't see this as an option, contact your account manager.

  3. Enter the RTB settings under "Settings". These will be given to you either by your account manager or by ConnectAd directly:

    • Bidder Endpoint - The ConnectAd URL that Kevel sends the bid request to.
    • Connection ID - Your ConnectAd publisher ID.
    • BidRequest.source.pchain - TAG Payment ID

Creating a ConnectAd Campaign and Flight

Create a new campaign and flight under the RTB advertiser as you would for a non-RTB campaign.


In the flight, the Rate Type will be set to "CPM". You cannot set any other Rate Type. "Price" will also be ignored: revenue from the flight will be determined by the bids coming from ConnectAd.

All priority types are supported in RTB flights. RTB also supports a new priority: Outbid Lottery. Set this priority to force RTB flights to collectively compete against non-RTB flights.

Creating a ConnectAd Ad

Add a new creative in the flight or directly from the advertiser page:

  • Add a creative to the RTB flight for each ad size you intend to serve through that provider.
  • Floor Price is available for RTB creatives but is not required. Note that if you don't input a valid value, we will default to $0.01.
  • If you are overriding the domain on this ad, enter Override page URL sent to partner with RTB request.
  • You can also override the page URL and the device type on the request.
  • The Friendly Name and Ad Size are required.

Requesting ConnectAd Ads

You can request ConnectAd ads either via the JavaScript ad tags or the Decision API.

If you are calling RTB ads via the Decision API, be sure to include the URL of the site and your IP address in the request.