Custom Domain


Custom domain - or link white-labeling - requires the Business or Enterprise Plans


Custom domain involves white-labeling Kevel links so your domain, not Kevel's, appears in the URL.

To enable, contact your account manager.

Setting up CNAMES (Custom URLs)

By default your Kevel account will use the following URLs for impression and click urls:

  • Ad requests: e-<networkId>

With the Custom Domain extension, however, you can use your own URLs for ad serving.

To set up these custom URLs (or CNAMEs), use the following procedure (or have your domain administrator configure this for you):

  1. If a CNAME record for a URL prefix already exists, then delete it. For example, if you're creating a CNAME record for engine, delete any existing CNAME records for engine.
  2. Create your new CNAME record by entering the following Host Name/Alias and Value/Destinations:

Host Name/Alias




  1. Contact [email protected] once you've made these changes because Kevel will need to enable the new CNAMEs on your account for them to work.
  2. Kevel support will also begin the CNAMEing process for an SSL domain. We will provide the SSL cert for you.
  3. Once your CNAME is complete, make sure you update your ad code to reflect the new domains. Otherwise, your viewers will still see ads served by e-<networkId> and not your domain. To update your ad code:
  • For API: use your custom domain name url for the API endpoint, and all impression, click and event urls will reflect that domain name. Example:
  • For ados: add the following function to your ad code before the ados_load(); function: ados_setDomain('');


Note: Keep in mind it can take up to 24 hours for the info in step #2 to propagate on your end.

It's also possible to CNAME the creative/image hosting static subdomain (, although we do not recommend this, as we cannot provide a secure certificate for it. Instead, Kevel provides a proprietary URL for custom creative/image hosting. Contact your account manager or Kevel support for more details.