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Kevel Sub-Processors

Kevel's sub-processors are listed below. We will only pass to them the minimum data needed for the services to work.

Backend Services
Amazon AWS - used as a hosted server
Datadog - used for analyzing API usage and ad server bandwidth
Cloudfront - Kevel's CDN - storage solution for Kevel files
Google Apps for Business - used for internal business and communication - used for monitoring API uptime

Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service
OneTrust - used to honor and track consent
Proof - used for website personalization and social proof alerts
Google Analytics - used for anonymous website traffic analysis
Zapier - used for automating transfer of info from different sub-processors
Hubspot - used for inbound and outbound marketing communications, as well as client support communication
Google Adwords - used for conversion tracking and retargeting
Clearbit - website de-anonymization for personalizing site content
Slack - our internal Kevel collaboration tool
Quora - we use a Quora pixel for retargeting on Quora
Linkedin - we use a LinkedIn pixel for retargeting on LinkedIn
Capterra - we use a Capterra pixel for tracking conversions driven by Capterra
Pendo - used for tracking dashboard usage
Wisepops - used for pop-up form requests

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